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MILK TEA may either refer to a tea drink with a portion of creamy milk but here in the Philippines, it refers to the number drink you must taste before you die.

The creamy milk tea had evolved through time. It was famous for the Bubble milk tea or the Pearl Milk Tea but due to the stiff competition in the market, milk tea business owners had came up to tons of flavors. From the classic Pearl Milk Tea, flavors such as Oolong Milk Tea, Jasmine Milk Tea, Green Tea milk tea and those that can be combined with fruits. Milk Tea was first introduced in Thailand and being Asian, there is no way we can't have a taste with this.

Here in the Philippines there are 3 most favorable milk tea business that had been the soar bearer of the milk tea flag. Not only that they have been the first to offer this type of drink here in the country but also because they have the most tasteful and the most budget-friendly milk tea today.

CHATIME had been one of the first runners of milk tea business. They offer a wide variety of flavors that will satisfy every man's cravings.  Another good in them is that everything is organized and they have these paper placed on the milk tea cup for your name instead of writing it with a marker. They are also fast in dealing with customers. Price ranges from 70pesos to 100pesos depend on the size and the flavor. One of the famous branch they have is as the Landmark beside the French Baker.

HAPPY LEMON  located in SM Megamall is another milk tea business that has been famous for their small pearls or sago that are really delightful in the mouth. They also have different flavors to choose from and their area in SM Megamall has this vibe of a cafe where you can seat and talk or have meeting with someone while having a sip in your milk tea.

in the picture above is the classic milk tea with pearls. Notice how small the sago are. they taste really good too.

 TEA-RRIFIC! on the other hand is a milk tea avenue for students or for tight-budgeted persons who would really like to experience milk tea. They offer a wide variety of milk tea flavors and even popularizing the milk tea fusion of fresh fruits plus milk tea for a price as low as 35 pesos and a high as 75pesos. this Price range depends on the size and the type of milk you are wanting.

in the photo is Oolong flavored milk tea courtesy of Tea-rrific. Tea-rrific is available in SM Supermalls and a kiosk that can be found in either floors.

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  1. hi have you heard about the new tamayaki and tea store "tea monkey"?